Monday, November 12, 2012

Tips from the Pro's - Wedding Hair

The day of your wedding can be a hectic one due to all of the things that need to happen. Here are a few tips from Steph, of Shear Bliss Salon & Day Spa that will help you get the best hair experience any bride could hope for!

Early morning times book up very quickly, especially during the summer months. The sooner you book, the more likely your are to get the pick of early morning appointments, specific stylists and your salon of choice.

It is important to have a rough schedule of the day when you call to make your appointments.  Know what time the ceremony will begin and when you will be having your pictures.  Updo’s can take an hour and a half to complete so be sure to give yourself plenty of time.

Booking a trial run of your wedding day hair is a great way to experiment with a variety of styles to see what suits you best. It will be helpful to your stylist if you bring in pictures  to make sure you are both on same page. Keep in mind your style of dress and hair accessories (veil, flowers broaches etc) so that everything will flow together.  Remember, this is a trial run so you will want to see the whole picture.  It is a good idea to test out your wedding day make up as well when you come in for your hair trial.

If you are going to be laced into a tight dress for hours on your wedding day, you’ll be glad that you wore something easy and comfy the morning of. It’s important to make sure your top has a wide opening or will button down, so that your hairstyle stays secure and smooth while you transform into a beautiful bride :)

It is very important that you and your bridal party arrive on time. The morning of your wedding can be very hectic, and arriving on time ensures that you’re morning will run smoothly for yourself, and for your stylist. This may be your only chance to sit and relax all day, so enjoy it!

The biggest pet peeve as a hairstylist, is having an updo client show up with wet or damp hair.  We ask our clients to show up with clean hair, that has been washed either the day or night before. When hair is freshly washed or “too clean” it becomes slippery and very difficult to work with. Your style and curls will hold much better if your hair has been washed a day or two before, because it  will have a chance “roughen up” and create natural oils. Have hair that is naturally oily? Don’t worry! We have plenty of products to help manage your hair type.

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