Monday, December 24, 2012

Getting cozy in front of the camera

We can honestly say we know what it feels like to be in front of the camera because we make a point of turning the camera around on each of us at least once a year… we know that sometimes (especially at the beginning of a shoot) it can feel awkward.  We always encourage our couples to talk to each other, get cozy and just be themselves during our shoots.  Sometimes the cutest moments and giggles come from a "I feel so silly!" whispered in someone's ear.  As you get comfortable in front of the camera don't feel like you need to stay exactly how the photographer directs you to…feel free to "own the pose"….get comfortable, give your fiancĂ© a kiss, a little squeeze of the hand or whisper something in their ear just just might make them giggle.  Here are a few of our favourite moments between couples doing their best to just ignore us….

Monday, December 17, 2012

More than just flowers!

Each season, we come across a bride or two who use the same line, "I'm just not a flowery person, what can we do for my bouquet?"  There are no rules for weddings these days, especially when it comes to bouquets! Flowers or no flowers, there are great ways to have serious style to match any preference. At Megan Lynne Floral Design, we have tons of great ideas for any style and love the challenge of non-floral elements. Here are some different examples that caught our eye.

Add in bold shots of color with fruit, like these gorgeous tangerines (above), or lush greens and natural elements like these stunning fiddleheads, hosta leaves and fern.

A bouquet with loads of texture is always one that will be remembered. The bouquet above does that perfectly, while using very few flowers at all. Or for a dramatic statement, a lush green bouquet with folded aspidistra leaves, succulents and grasses as shown below is sure to grab the attention of your guests!

These puffs of cotton and pretty little wooden flowers are a great mixed with the other fresh elements in this bouquet (above).

Whether it's fresh crab apples as shown above (by Megan Lynne Floral Design), or starfish accents (below) always remember to design your bouquet how you would love it! A great florist should be ready (and eager!) to help with any personal touches to make your bouquet truly your own!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Throwback Trends

Neon colors, leggings, leather, acid washed jeans, floral print, crop tops, denim have all made a reappearance in the fashion world over the past few years - trends from the 80's and 90's are making their comeback! Some are really fun and playful and I've even dabbled in a few of them.  Ok...most of them.  

It seems fashion comes and goes and the same applies to weddings!  As Kari, from Dove Tree Art & Design mentioned in the previous post, themes have been huge in the wedding world.  A theme helps you play up your wedding and can even create a wedding brand for your day.  A lot of brides go for the vintage theme weddings - short tea length wedding dresses and suspenders and bow ties for the gents.  Even lace sleeves have made a huge comeback after Kate & Will tied the knot.

In terms of stationery fashion, design closely follows what fashion trends are doing and I've been seeing a lot of vintage throwback designs using those neon colors, geometric shapes and floral prints!  Which I love and which you'll see a lot of in our new Off the Rack line.  

Below are 2 new designs from the Off the Rack line, Blythe and Mella both of which showcase a few throwback trends including the floral print on the Blythe and the geometric shapes on the Mella!

Lovin' the trends we're seeing for the upcoming season and I'm sure we'll see a few "brighter" weddings cross our paths in 2013 - tastefully done of course.

Des Hildebrand
Paper Airplanes

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wedding Style Inspiration: Themes

Choosing a theme for your wedding decor can be hugely helpful in deciding things like: location, favors, colors, etc.  A themed wedding doesn't mean over-the-top decor, but rather can result in a tasteful, elegant display...
The photos below represent some of my personal favourites.  





Monday, November 26, 2012

Engagement Sessions

I just adore engagement sessions! They are fun, casual and make for some beautiful photographs, to frame and hang in the home for years to come.

Engagement sessions are a great opportunity for the couple to experience what a photo shoot can be like and to get comfortable in front of the camera. It is also a great chance for both the photographer and the couple to better get to know each other before the wedding day.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love being in the outdoors. I spend a lot of my spare time driving off the beaten track, walking and exploring new areas; always searching for that next magical location. Here are a few of my favorite engagement photos from 2012.

Have a great week!

Lani Elias Fine Art Photography