Monday, December 10, 2012

Throwback Trends

Neon colors, leggings, leather, acid washed jeans, floral print, crop tops, denim have all made a reappearance in the fashion world over the past few years - trends from the 80's and 90's are making their comeback! Some are really fun and playful and I've even dabbled in a few of them.  Ok...most of them.  

It seems fashion comes and goes and the same applies to weddings!  As Kari, from Dove Tree Art & Design mentioned in the previous post, themes have been huge in the wedding world.  A theme helps you play up your wedding and can even create a wedding brand for your day.  A lot of brides go for the vintage theme weddings - short tea length wedding dresses and suspenders and bow ties for the gents.  Even lace sleeves have made a huge comeback after Kate & Will tied the knot.

In terms of stationery fashion, design closely follows what fashion trends are doing and I've been seeing a lot of vintage throwback designs using those neon colors, geometric shapes and floral prints!  Which I love and which you'll see a lot of in our new Off the Rack line.  

Below are 2 new designs from the Off the Rack line, Blythe and Mella both of which showcase a few throwback trends including the floral print on the Blythe and the geometric shapes on the Mella!

Lovin' the trends we're seeing for the upcoming season and I'm sure we'll see a few "brighter" weddings cross our paths in 2013 - tastefully done of course.

Des Hildebrand
Paper Airplanes

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