Monday, January 14, 2013

Pinterest Planning Perfection

Have you heard of Pinterest? If you haven't yet and you're planning your wedding my goodness, you are about to have your wedding world rocked!

Pinterest is a great way to get ideas for your wedding from decor to dresses and flowers, stationery and makeup - even photoshoot ideas -  Pinterest is a collection of images that you can look through and "Repin" onto your board creating your own virtual magazine clippings scrapbook.  The new secret board feature makes Pinterest even better for the brides who want to keep their planning hush hush until the big unveil!

Pinterest is a magnificent tool for us wedding vendors as well.  With the ability to share your boards you can now share with us.  That way we truly understand what look your trying to achieve.  If you are planning your wedding and have already booked wedding vendors - or one of the talented ladies of The Southern Suite share the link to your wedding board with them (or us).  And if you aren't on Pinterest yet, hop to it! Be warned you may experience an inspiration overload!

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(Some of these accounts are the vendors personal accounts allowing you to really see their own personal style)
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wedding Makeup - Pro or No?

Your wedding day is a day you'll never forget! From the smallest details that you spent hours dreaming of and working on, to the most exciting parts that you and your spouse will remember forever. You research photographers, stationary, florists, decor and spend hours trying on dresses, but sometimes something so important as how your makeup looks is forgotten.

Why choose professional makeup artists for your big day?

Many women know how to apply their everyday makeup and it looks beautiful, but when you step in front of a camera or need your makeup to stay flawless and in place all day, there are certain skills a professional makeup artist has been taught to help you look perfect all day long.

Professional makeup artists know how to match skin tones with colours, contouring face shapes, how to enhance your best features and to make your skin glow. There are also certain skills to make eyes "pop" and the skin look absolutely flawless which will transfer onto the photo images you'll see from your photographer.  For example - did you know that foundation with SPF flashes 'white' to a camera making you looked washed out and pale for your wedding pictures?

Most professional makeup artists will have a very large assortment of professional makeup often not found in drug/department stores, colours, different types of foundations and products suited to all skin types so that the bride, bridesmaids and even mother of the bride/groom can look their absolute best!  When looking at your wedding album years down the road there is no better feeling than knowing and remembering how great you and your party looked and felt that very special day.

Most importantly, it's your day!! Let someone else take care of your makeup so you can sit and relax, laugh and enjoy the day surrounded by your friends and family. There's no need to stress over a tiny blemish the day of your wedding - makeup artists carry enough arsenal to fight almost anything!

When booking your makeup artist, don't be afraid to ask questions or give suggestions of the look you want to achieve. Most makeup artists also travel to make it even more convenient for you on your wedding day. We come with everything we need and we leave you with no mess to clean up so you can focus on you and your day!

For more information on wedding makeup bookings please contact or visit our website at