Monday, May 6, 2013

Finding the Perfect Location

Spring is finally in the air!  It’s that time of year, couples are busy anticipating their engagement sessions, leading up to their even more exciting weddings!  Today we want to discuss the importance of location for your photo sessions, and why we like to have a hand in that decision. 

Every client is different.  We have couples who have very specific ideas of where they would like their photos taken.  We have couples who have NO idea where they’d like their photos taken.  And then we have couples who have a few ideas, but are open to us helping them, by taking these ideas and making them work photographically.  We embrace every type of couple, but don’t hold back with our opinions.  We’ve been hired by you to produce the most beautiful photos possible and that means helping you find locations that lend to that.  

So what are some of the key things we look for when searching for your perfect photo shoot locations?  Here are a few...

  1. Light, light, light.  The MOST important thing in photography is light.  This could be natural light, flash, or studio lighting.  We are natural light photographers when ever possible.  During our portrait sessions we seek out the best lit locations, either nice even open shade, or a beautifully back lit spot.  
  2. Background.  We want YOU, the subject of the photo to BE the subject of the photo.  We like to avoid busy backgrounds when ever possible.  We love natural settings, like open fields, forests of trees, wild grass or bright green lawns.  When searching for buildings we like both bright colors or muted walls, but nothing so busy it takes over the photograph.  We love lines, and things that add architectural interest.  We want you to be the focal point, and strive to have the background compliment that. 
  3. Time of day.  This goes along with light really.  We like to shoot at a time of day where the sun is in our favor.  We try to avoid mid day sunshine where the sun shines directly from above casting shadows under your eyes and chins and causing you and your wedding party to squint in every photograph.  

These are a few of the keys to finding a great location.  We love when our clients ask for help and advice and trust our knowledge to find the hidden gems to make their photos unique. As photographers when we're out and about in our lovely province our eyes are always scanning for that next great photo location, so while you might be stumped on where to take your pictures chances are we have a list of location to suit many different styles!

Here's a tour of some of our favorite locations!
Kara & Becky

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