Friday, February 8, 2013

What's in Style this season - HAIR

This is the question that all stylists hear at the start of every season.  Everyone  wants to have what’s “in style”.  The question is, are they prepared to wear and style what’s “ in style”. Actually what you need to ask yourself is do you want what’s in fashion or the latest trend.  So you are probably wondering what’s the difference? 
In Fashion: usually is an everyday wearable style.  Also known as “street wear”. These styles are more often softer and have a more classic  look to them. Most people are able to wear them just by changing a few angles and/or lengths (ie. The classic bob).

The Trend: These styles are typically more dramatic. Often called “ edgy”.  The lines and shapes in these cuts are usually very defined and do not typically change from head to head.  Lengths and angles are more distinct and intentional (ie. A cut that includes an area that reveals an undercut)
So how does one decide whether they want a trendy cut or a more fashionable style?
There are a few questions and thoughts to consider when deciding.
#1 what is my personality?  Am I more of a quiet and reserved type or do I have a crazy side of me that loves to come out?
#2 what’s my lifestyle? Do I juggle kids, work and household? Do I have time to spend styling my hair? Or do I love to fuss and try new ways to style my “do” every morning? 
 Now the biggest question of all will be.......
What kind of look do I want for my wedding day?
Can my everyday style be incorporated  into a wedding “do”?
Your big day event gives a glimmer of who you are right down to your hairstyle.  It’s amazing how just adding a few curls, a simple braid or even a flower can change your look from day wear to glam wear.  Not sure what would go with the style of your dress? Or what to “add”  to your style  to make it look like a wedding style? I strongly recommend to look for pictures.  Even pictures that show different lengths of hair, color or style,just choose pics that you like.  Your stylist should be able to see a theme run though the pictures which then tells the stylist what you are looking for.  This is actually better than trying to find the exact picture of the exact hairstyle you are looking for.  Unless you find a picture of you in a style you like it’s impossible  to look exactly like a picture of another person.
 Remember, when all is said and done, you want to look like you, but....better.
I often hear girls say,”I want to look like myself.”   And you should!!  However, keep  in mind you don’t wear a wedding dress everyday so neither should your hair look like your everyday style.
Enjoy searching for that perfect style....for YOU!

(The blog post is courtesy of Heidie of Shear Bliss Salon & Day Spa. Find them on Facebook for more tips)

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