Monday, September 24, 2012

You've got mail!

In today's world we communicate through phone, emails, Facebook and the like to send a quick hello, or invite our friends to an event on Facebook - it's easy, it's convenient.  

Life is often too busy to write a letter or send a card in the mail...but I still think there is something special about getting a colorful envelope with a beautiful hand written address that stands out from all the other monotonous bills in my mailbox!  I get excited even...someone sent me something! Who could it be? What is it?? 
Your wedding invitation is a keep sake of your special day and the first glimpse that your guests will get to see!  Your invitation should reflect your style, your personality and should exude the happiness and excitement that you're feeling about marrying the one you love.

Wedding invitations have really taken on a new concept over the last few years...instead of plain white cardstock with black script ink you could literally have any medium or color to inform your guests that you're getting hitched and they're invited.  Many couples choose to include details from their wedding day in the design - theme, colors, flowers all reflect the overall style and personality of the invitation.

Whether your style is traditional or really out there have fun with your invitation!

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