Monday, August 13, 2012

Perfectly Set Contest Finalists

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Winners will be announced Friday, August 17th! Happy voting!

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I didnt know that it was possible to fall SO in love with a friend. A best friend.Derek was always one of my closest male friends. Always there for eachohter, always there for a phone call, always there. My whole world changed one night - nerding it up playing video games. I will never forget the look that we exchanged. We both knew. We were in love. Soon after we started dating and it has been absolutely amazing.We have the most fun, loving, incredible relationship, ever. We are truly best friends, turned lovers.I love my best friend.

Landon and I were set up by a mutual friend over 7 years ago. Throughout the years of dating we had opportunities to travel together and enjoy each other through life's high moments as well as moments of challenge and perseverance through some low moments. These experiences have created a balance in our relationship of friendship, faith, love, trust, and respect. This balance is what makes our love so special. We are able to encourage and strengthen each other when we need it. We can also laugh and enjoy each other during any situation. Landon and I were married on August 6, 2011 and have been enjoying the new adventure we are on ever since!

Stephane and I fell in love dancing together. We had met in 6th grade but didn't really get to know each other until I invited him to join a swing dancing lesson with a group of my friends. The first time we danced together I instantly got butterflies in my stomach and I knew he was something special. Since then, I have fallen more in love with him every day. This summer, we got our "happy ever after" ending and danced together for the first time as husband and wife.

Dan and I met three years ago while working at Tony Roma's together. Dan had been a cook there for a few years and I just started as a hostess. When we first met not much happened between us but over a few months we got to know each other through hanging out with our co-workers outside of work. Dan started sneaking out of the kitchen to come hang around the hostess stand, getting sent back to the kitchen by the managers often. One night at the end of a shift I asked for his phone number. He was shy but we started talking. He eventually asked me out and I said yes! We later found out that we had been neighbours in two different places we lived before we met. Since our first date we have done a lot together. We both graduated, traveled together, including a trip to Italy to meet his family, got a puppy, bought a house and got engaged. We are now looking forward to our upcoming wedding in January!

So our cousin and her husband (My Maid of Honor and Jons Best man) decided one day that they were going to invite us both over for supper, without telling me that Jon was going to be there.. I didn't know who he was, but he knew of me.  So long story short, Vanessa (my cousin) came and picked me up and brought me to her place.  What I didn't realize at the time was that she picked me up, so Jon would have to bring me home later... smart girl! Anyways, we had a great evening together and when it came time to end the evening, Jon offered right away to bring me home! We had a great chat but to my disappointment, he didn't ask for my number!!! I wasn't about to let this guy get away so the next day I asked Vanessa for his number and the rest is history! We've been together for just over 3 years and our relationship continues to grow stronger and stronger every day! It's certainly no sappy "awe" story, but it's the happiest story of my life! 

Ryan & fell in love via a co-worker who I call cupid. Everyday I would tell Jill (aka cupid) about my dating woes and she indicated she had the perfect guy for me when I was ready but he lived in Southern Manitoba, whereas I lived in Winnipeg. She had worked in Southern Manitoba at the same location as Ryan months before winding up in the cubicle beside me. I eventually caved and told her to have Ryan Facebook me and we could get to know each other. We eventually met in person for Starbucks and bowling, which led to closing down Moxie's. I eventually wound up visiting him in his hometown and fell in love with not only him but the area. He is best friend and soul mate. That is our story in my best Coles notes version.

I met the love of my life, Donny over 4 years ago.  I was working at Tim Horton's at the time when he would come in with a mutual friend of ours and he watched me constantly. I told him he was creeping me out on top of it. As weeks go on we ended up becoming friends and then started dating.  The first year started off with becoming friends with his kids (which is always hard when someone new comes along), then he had a small heart attack out of no where. After that it was all good, until about a year after that or so he started having back and leg troubles. Followed by another year of it progressively getting worse. I wasn't leaving him for nothing. He is the kindest, loving, funny man and the one guy my mom never disliked haha.  He had surgery this past January, followed by his mom passing away while he was recovering. It has been almost 3 years now that I have woken up to help him with getting dressed, going to work coming home and helping with anything he is unable to do. He is getting better, but slower than planned.  Even though we have had many ups and downs with health, money etc. We have kept each other held together through everything.  With everything that has happened it has brought us closer together and more in love.

We met in May 2007, at an international bowling competition in Guatemala.  We spent a lot of time together during that tournament even though we were both from different countries.  After the competition was over we talked almost everyday until she travelled to Canada to visit me in August, she planned to stay for 3 weeks, but ended up staying for 5 weeks. During this time we promised to be with each other forever. In November I travelled to Guatemala, where I proposed to her.   On March 22nd, 2008, we made a commitment to each other that we plan never to break.  And on July 2nd, 2012, our first born son, Mateo was born.

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